About DRM

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It relates to e-books, not printed editions. You can read lots of gory details about it in the Wikipedia article, if you’re interested. For a brief, non-technical, summary read on after the next paragraph.

Let’s get this part out of the way first: At this point in time my [Read more…]

Dryad is on its way

When I launched this website two weeks ago I had thought there were just a few minor details to finalise before Dryad would be available for purchase. But it has all taken longer than I really expected – no one’s fault except mine. It’s my first time through this process, and I underestimated just how [Read more…]

Website Launch

The G.M.Worboys website launched with great fanfare … well, that is to say: my wife and I celebrated with drinks and nibblies in the office, and I rang my friends and family to go and check it out.  If you got left off the invitation list, I apologise – but you know now, so that’s [Read more…]


Contemporary Fantasy Novel, 403 pages.   Available now, details below.

Naiad The Narun – Book Two

So this is what it feels like, John thought to himself, to crack open the door back to his normal life, the one he had abandoned in his search for Asha. But John Caldor’s life can [Read more…]


Contemporary Fantasy Novel, 366 pages.   Available now, details below.

Dryad The Narun – Book One

John Caldor, tormented by grief after his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, feels his mind break; he can feel the cold breeze blowing through the crack that has opened deep inside his [Read more…]

About This Website

The website was created in WordPress using the Atahualpa theme (with a few minor alterations). The majority of the photos on this website were taken by (and are copyright to) the author (G. M. Worboys) or his wife (who gave her permission for them to be used). Exceptions will be noted.

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