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Contemporary Fantasy Novel, 366 pages.   Available now, details below.

The Narun – Book One

John Caldor, tormented by grief after his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, feels his mind break; he can feel the cold breeze blowing through the crack that has opened deep inside his head. It is no huge surprise then, when John meets a beautiful woman that no one else can see: Asha, the imaginary friend of his lost daughter.

Asha shows John her world, the world of the forest. She tells John that she is a narun, a being made of prana – the stuff of life. Her people are the aaranya – dryads. She shows him that she can merge with the trees and share their life. She tries to teach John that he is not broken, that his mind has opened so that he, too, can now sense the life of the forest around them. To John this is a world beyond belief, but he wants it to be real, he wants Asha to be real.

They argue and Asha leaves. John quickly realises that, whatever his doubts, he is not ready to be parted from Asha, and he enters the forest to try and find her. He finds more of her people and discovers that Asha has disappeared, and her people fear that a new conflict is erupting between the narun peoples. To save Asha, and help the aaranya, John must overcome his doubts. His path leads back to the human world where he finds that he is not the only human that knows of the narun, and John’s own rare gift, the ability to sense life, now puts him in danger.

Want to read more?

Click here to read a small excerpt from chapter 5 of Dryad.

Some of the reseller sites noted below offer the chance to read the first couple of chapters before you purchase – check them out.

Where to buy?

Dryad is available in both e-book and print editions.

E-Book editions are available from a number of stores covering most common formats, relevant links provided below. My books are distributed without DRM, but some stores will add their own anyway.

Print editions are being provided by print-on-demand services and should widely available online. It is unlikely you will see Dryad on the shelves in book shops, but it should be available for order from many outlets if you provide them with the ISBN (listed below).

  Print Edition EPub Editions Kindle Edition
  Amazon.com Smashwords Amazon.com
  Amazon.co.uk Kobo Amazon.co.uk
  Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble (Nook) Amazon.com.au
  The Book Depository    
ISBNs – use these if you want to search for Dryad with your favourite reseller. (Use the version without dashes for searching reseller sites, some won’t find it using the properly formatted ISBN number.)
  Print Edition:  ISBN 9780987458308 / 978-0-9874583-0-8 (Trade Paperback)
  E-Book Edition:  ISBN 9780987458315 / 978-0-9874583-1-5 (EPub/Kindle)

Last updated 25-Jul-2014.

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