An important milestone

Zebra FinchIt’s been a busy couple of months, it’s always a busy time of year for me. As a result it has taken me more than a month to post here about an important milestone…

On June 23rd I completed the first draft of my third book. This is the third and concluding book of my series, The Narun. There is obviously lots to do before the book can be ready for publication, but the story itself is done. As per normal (for me) the book gets put away for a while (a couple of months), in the hope that when I come back to it, it will be with a fresh eye for any errors or inconsistencies.

The title? Yes, I suppose it’s safe enough to mention that now, since I don’t expect it to change: Nereid. So the three books of the series are titled, in reading order: Dryad, Naiad and Nereid.

I have now turned my attention back to the second book, Naiad, and getting it ready to publish. Final edits and proof-reading are in progress, the cover design is planned but not yet implemented, and I still have to write the blurb (I really hate doing that). Six months back I was saying that I thought the book would be published in a few months, but that has obviously stretched. If nothing else intrudes, I am hoping publication will occur in around two months from now, and I am hoping that Nereid won’t be very far behind it.

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