Catching up

Brown SnakeIt’s probably obvious from the extended delay that things haven’t gone smoothly for me since that upbeat post at the start of spring. Rather a lot has happened in that time, but not to do with my writing. I don’t want to talk much about that, I will only say that the photo I chose for this post is only allegorical, no actual snake played a part in what happened. But you have presumably come here to read is what’s happening with the next books. Well, I do now have some news on that front …

Naiad is finalised and the first print copies are on their way – so I’ll put up some photos of those when they arrive. I will add relevant links to the Naiad page as soon as I can confirm the book is available for online purchase. The ebook edition is going to take a bit longer while I sort out my distribution arrangements.

The final draft of Nereid is now with some readers to check for last minute problems, the cover and blurb are done (as you will see on that page). So publication should follow quickly on the heels of Naiad. It may be just as well things worked out this way, for reasons that you’ll work out for yourselves when you read the series.

Things are still changing in the world of ebooks and I’ve decided to change my distribution arrangements to take advantage. The changes will mean some more work and complication on my side, but will hopefully give me a little more control over how the books appear on reseller sites (well, I can hope). While these changes take effect there may be some disruption to the availability of the ebook editions. I will try to keep the links on each of the book pages up to date as things change.

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