Dryad is here!

Three weeks ago my last news post said that Dryad was on its way. Well (drum-roll please) it’s here! I can see Dryad, both e-book and print editions, on enough sites now that I feel I can safely say that Dryad has arrived. And not only that, my very own box of the Dryad [Read more…]

Is there anybody out there?

(To be read with Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” playing softly in the background; side three of the LPs for preference, that’s the first half of Disc 2 if you’re listening to the CDs, “Hey You” through “Comfortably Numb” if you’re using MP3s.)

It’s a month since I launched my website. I’ve had exactly three comments, [Read more…]

Strange Prisoners

Dryad is prefixed with a quote from Plato’s The Republic, specifically his allegory of the cave. This is something I came across and re-read only after I was well in to writing the book. I can’t even remember what I was researching at the time, but it struck me as something that comes close to [Read more…]