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Contemporary Fantasy Novel, 403 pages.   Available now, details below.

The Narun – Book Two

So this is what it feels like, John thought to himself, to crack open the door back to his normal life, the one he had abandoned in his search for Asha. But John Caldor’s life can never return to normal, it is now inextricably linked to the aaranya, the narun of the forest. And though they do not realise it yet, all of them are caught up in something bigger than they can imagine.

Asha’s talent for healing is not enough to save the one that is so precious to the both of them. The search for a cure will lead John and Asha and their friends away from everything they know, but the hazards of their journey will not be enough to prepare them for the treachery that lurks in waiting.

Tracey thinks she has the easy job, minding John’s house while he is away. A new boyfriend, a caring mother and an amazing best friend, life should be good. But the danger lurks here too, and the consequences will tear her life asunder.

Want to read more?

Naiad is available in both e-book and print editions. Some of the reseller sites noted below offer the chance to read the first couple of chapters before you purchase – check them out.

E-Book editions are available from a number of stores covering most common formats, relevant links provided below. My books are distributed without DRM, but some stores will add their own anyway.

Print editions are being provided by print-on-demand services and should widely available online. It is unlikely you will see it on the shelves in book shops, but it should be available for order from many outlets if you provide them with the ISBN (listed below).

Where to buy?

  Print Edition EPub Editions Kindle Edition Smashwords Kobo
  Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble (Nook)
  The Book Depository    
ISBNs – use these if you want to search for Naiad with your favourite reseller. (Use the version without dashes for searching reseller sites, some won’t find it using the properly formatted ISBN number.)
  Print Edition:  ISBN 9780987458322 / 978-0-9874583-2-2 (Trade Paperback)
  E-Book Edition:  ISBN 9780987458339 / 978-0-9874583-3-9 (EPub/Kindle)

Last updated 16-Apr-2014.

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