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Science Fiction Short Story, 8 pages (2800 words).   Available now, details below.   Free!

(Short Story)

“Roll out that chicken wire, Frank.” Science would never have thought of the chicken wire.

Sound like something you might read?

The entire short story is available online for free!

Smashwords has many formats available for download, click this link. (If your device or computer can read EPUB format then choose that, I have more control over the quality of the file.)

You can also read the entire story online right here: Spite – Short Story.

Last updated 23-Aug-2015.

2 comments to Spite

  • Hi Geoff.

    That was a good story. Thanks. Lets you wonder what he’s in for. Were there any hints about that, and I just missed them?

    Something odd with the epub. The cover shows up in the ereader on my computer, but not on either of my actual ereaders. And on one of them, the outro doesn’t show up either. I had a quick look in Calibre’s editor, but soon realized it was beyond me.

    Keep writing

    Jim (arjaybe)

    • gmw

      Thanks Jim. There are no explicit indicators, just possibilities. I’ve had thoughts for a sequel or two, but wonder if it is best left to the reader’s imagination.

      I did find one issue with the epub. I made a last minute change to the cover and forgot to mark the new image with “Cover” semantics (I use Sigil). Some ereaders use the image directly rather than the html, so that might be it. I’ve uploaded a new epub if you want to try it.

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