Dryad is on its way

When I launched this website two weeks ago I had thought there were just a few minor details to finalise before Dryad would be available for purchase. But it has all taken longer than I really expected – no one’s fault except mine. It’s my first time through this process, and I underestimated just how many things still needed to be done. I’ve just now finished submitting the necessary files to my distributors.

If all goes according to plan, Dryad should appear as an e-book on Amazon within a week and become available at various other stores in the weeks following. I’ll update the Dryad book post as the final details become available.

The print edition will probably take a little longer to appear. I still have to approve the final proof copy, but the wonderful world of print-on-demand means that it should not take long to become available once that is done.

It’s all rather exciting, and not just a little nerve wracking. Did I get everything right? Did I miss a step that may cause problems getting the book out there, or worse, cause problems for readers?

This self-publishing lark is much more involved than it looks from the outside. Not difficult as such, just lots and lots of details; and, as your own publisher, responsibility for all those details comes back to yourself. Sure, you can outsource some aspects to others if you want (at a cost), but you are still the one responsible. As a person with something of an obsessive personality (there are less flattering descriptions), I’ve tended to get pretty absorbed by it all, and it’s not really good for my stress levels.

Anyway. It’s done. Dryad is on its way. Check out the Dryad book post for details as they come to light.

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