Good Intentions

Red-bellied Black SnakeThe road to hell, they tell us, is paved with good intentions. I must be well on my way.

I started this blog with the best of intentions. A look around the internet quickly shows you that the most successful blogs are those that are updated regularly (having something interesting to say can help too ;)). “I can do that”, I said to myself. I may have said it to one or two others as well, which makes it all the more embarrassing. It just goes to show that talking to yourself has its advantages … but I digress. I felt confident that I would find something worthy to add here regularly. Probably not daily, but weekly should be within my reach. If not weekly, at least every two weeks seemed certain. Easy.

Not so easy. It’s been two months since my last post. I do have excuses. I was locked out of my site for a few days – some mysterious bug where the login page refused to show (but hey, it’s good security!). The work I get paid to do has gotten more intense lately. And my writing continues. Even so, I had thought … well, you get the idea: good intentions.

And now that I am here, what I can tell you? I have done nothing more with Naiad in the last two months, an annotated manuscript sits next me as I type, reminding me that it deserves attention. The third book has reached up over 140,000 words now and progress continues, but slowly. Please forgive my lapses with this blog, I am still here and the next books are still coming.

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