Naiad is here!

Naiad (in print)

I am pleased to see that Naiad is now appearing in online shops, both in print and ebook editions. Follow this link to the Naiad book page to see links to some of the stores where it is available.

More stores will pick it up, if they don’t have it already, or you can ask them to order it using the ISBNs provided on the book page.

It took Dryad over two years to go from first draft to published, Naiad has managed it in something like 20 months, so I am getting better. The conclusion to the series, Nereid, is coming along much faster and should arrive very soon.

You can see from the photos that I’ve received my first print copies of Naiad. ebooks may be convenient, but I still have a thing for being able feel the book in my hand and see it on the shelf. I think they look good, so I thought I’d share yet another photo:
Naiad (in print)

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