Good Intentions

The road to hell, they tell us, is paved with good intentions. I must be well on my way.

I started this blog with the best of intentions. A look around the internet quickly shows you that the most successful blogs are those that are updated regularly (having something interesting to say can help too [Read more…]

Is there anybody out there?

(To be read with Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” playing softly in the background; side three of the LPs for preference, that’s the first half of Disc 2 if you’re listening to the CDs, “Hey You” through “Comfortably Numb” if you’re using MP3s.)

It’s a month since I launched my website. I’ve had exactly three comments, [Read more…]

Website Launch

The G.M.Worboys website launched with great fanfare … well, that is to say: my wife and I celebrated with drinks and nibblies in the office, and I rang my friends and family to go and check it out.  If you got left off the invitation list, I apologise – but you know now, so that’s [Read more…]

About This Website

The website was created in WordPress using the Atahualpa theme (with a few minor alterations). The majority of the photos on this website were taken by (and are copyright to) the author (G. M. Worboys) or his wife (who gave her permission for them to be used). Exceptions will be noted.

If you have comments [Read more…]