Dryad is on its way

When I launched this website two weeks ago I had thought there were just a few minor details to finalise before Dryad would be available for purchase. But it has all taken longer than I really expected – no one’s fault except mine. It’s my first time through this process, and I underestimated just how many things still needed to be done. I’ve just now finished submitting the necessary files to my distributors.

If all goes according to plan, Dryad should appear as an e-book on Amazon within a week and become available at various other stores in the weeks following. I’ll update the Dryad book post as the final details become available.
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Website Launch

The G.M.Worboys website launched with great fanfare … well, that is to say: my wife and I celebrated with drinks and nibblies in the office, and I rang my friends and family to go and check it out.  If you got left off the invitation list, I apologise – but you know now, so that’s all right.

If you want to leave comments or make suggestions relating to the website please attach them to the About This Website article.  (You could leave them here but this post will eventually drop off the radar.)

This website was started primarily as a place to display my first book (and the second is on its way), but I dare say a few other things will make their way here. ┬áStay tuned.